Highly-Paid Part-Time Jobs For Ireland Students

6 Highly-Paid Part-Time Jobs For Ireland Students

Ireland has always been an amazing place for students to get education. The country offers many perks, which is why it is the favorite destination of worldwide students. With an exceptional education system and growth opportunities, thousands of students choose their college in this beautiful country. Apart from academics, the place also provides many avenues for individuals who want to fund their education.
Finding a part-time job as a student is highly beneficial. It can offset student load, gives money to get academic material, and one important benefit is that it gives a chance to earn experience in numerous fields. If you are starting your journey as a student in Ireland, then this blog will serve as your guide. We will explore different kinds of jobs that are available and all the necessary information you need to know regarding them. So let’s dive in to make your job search easier and more successful. 

Different Types Of Jobs You Can Get While Pursuing Your Degree In Ireland


If you have any skill, then the best way to use it to its fullest potential is by freelancing. If you are not aware, a freelancer is a person who is self-employed. These individuals provide any specific service and are paid by the project or hours instead of monthly salary. For students, we believe that freelancing can be the right way to earn a good amount of money. They can do this while working at their own pace and comfort. They can work independently, providing their services and expertise directly to the clients. 
Although people don’t consider it a proper job as it is short-term. But if done in the right way, freelancing can help you in shaping your career. It is highly in demand all over the world, including Ireland. You can start your job as a freelancer by registering on a website like Fiver and selecting a specific field. For instance, if you have high expertise in academic writing, then you can work as a writer to cater the needs of students who search for Ireland write my assignment services. 

Sales Associate:

The next on the list is working as a part-time sales associate. It is one of the most common options that students choose due to its availability and flexibility. The main responsibility of a salesperson is to sell products or services. They also need to ensure that the customer is getting a good shopping experience at the store. As this job is done in shifts, it is easier to maintain a balance between academics and other things. Also, there are many shopping malls and stores in Ireland, which is why finding a job as a sales associate doesn’t require much time and effort. 
There are a few key responsibilities that the individual need to perform, such as informing the potential customer and catering to their needs. One crucial part of this job is complaint handling. It means understanding the problem and converting an angry customer into a happy one. To get this job, students need to have a few skills such as management, problem-solving and active listening. 

Teacher’s Assistant:

If you have any teaching experience or are interested in building a career in the education sector, then it is the right part-time job for you. As there are a large number of students in Ireland, professors mostly hire an assistant to help them out with tasks. Choosing this job can be good for international students as well who don’t have a proper work permit. They have to create lessons, check paper works and facilitate the class working as teacher’s assistants. You don’t need proper experience to get this job. Showcasing your interpersonal skills, like communication and organization, can work well for you.

Nursing Assistant:

Nursing assistants are individuals who work in hospitals to provide daily care. If you like helping people out and have an interest in pursuing a career in health care, then being a nursing assistant can be great. Although it is difficult to maintain studies and a part-time job as a medical student, you can take help from online sources and buy an assignment paper to fulfil your academic obligations.
In Ireland, there is a high demand for nurses, which is why hospitals are always looking for ambitious candidates to work. As a learner, working part-time in a hospital can enhance your skills and help you in funding your education. However, to be a nursing assistant, you need to polish your abilities to perform various tasks like maintaining patient hygiene, keeping records, giving medicine and other daily operations.  


In Ireland, it is common to see students working in coffee shops or cafes as a barista. If you are good at making coffee or have little knowledge about it, then working as a part-time barista can be a brilliant option. The main responsibilities are preparing and serving the drinks. However, there are other tasks like handling the billing, maintaining the facilities and answering the customers that you need to perform. Students opt for working as baristas due to the time flexibility. They can find evening or other shifts that work best with their university schedule.

Ridesharing Driver:

If you own a car and like driving, then why not use it to earn some money? Working as a driver on applications like Uber can be a good source of earning as well as exploring the place. The job offers accessibility and flexibility and is great for university students. You can work without any time limitations and daily tasks. All you need is a driving license, a car and knowledge to operate smart devices.


Ireland is popular as the creative hub of Europe. The new technology, reputable educational institute and job opportunities make it the first choice of every student. However, to pursue a degree in this country, you need to bear living expenses and earn money to fund your education. This might sound challenging, but there are many part-time jobs available for students. In this blog, we have included all the job roles such as barista, waiter, clerk, nursing assistant and many others that students can do easily. So start your job search now and find the best options for yourself.

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