Cookie Policy

We are living in a digital era where the commercial world has also revolutionized. These days it is common for every other corporate entity to use cookies. is a website that also uses cookies to monitor its own performance and understand user behaviour.

IP address, operating system, browser type, and some other information regarding your online activity is collected through cookies. Details like average time spent on your site, navigation details, and pages viewed are important for web analytics. The only goal is to uplift the online experience of our website.

The cookies are important for us, but customer's consent is always our top priority. When a customer lands on our website for the very first time, we inform them about our cookie usage and give them the option to either accept or reject the cookies. There are no mandatory cookies for using our site.

Functionality cookies help us in managing the technical operations of our website and offer our users a personalized experience. If customers want to cancel the cookies, they can do it through their browser's settings.

Data Management tries to keep its data management clear and transparent. We stay focused on offering a secure and confidential experience to all our customers. Our team does not collect user information through indirect means or for illegitimate reasons that are not according to our business policies. We fairly collect and process all the data. In order to avoid confusion and keep things sorted, we give every order a separate and unique ID number.