Refund Policy would like to thank every customer who picked our essay writing services. We feel honoured to serve our customers and try to give equal attention to every project. The whole team of Write My Assignment wants to apologize if our work was not up to your expectations.

Customers could ask for a refund if our late delivery or below-average work caused them a disappointing result. This Refund Policy has mentioned everything in detail that customers have to do in order to get a successful refund.

Deliveries After The Deadline has a proven track record of timely deliveries that are always on the dot. We maintain a suitable pace to complete your assignment well before the given timeline. However, the final delivery can get delayed due to unanticipated circumstances. These disruptions are quite rare from our side. If the late delivery affected your grades and it turns out to be our fault, then we will process the refund.

The request will be rejected if the deadline you mentioned while claiming the refund differs from the original one you stated while placing the order. If the late delivery has not caused you any serious damage, we will process a partial refund. In every case, the customer has to show an authentic proof that their marks were deducted because of the late submission.

Sub-Standard Assignments

If any customer has concerns about the quality of the assignment, the first step is to get a revision. You cannot go directly for a refund. If the problem stays there even after the revision, then you can request a refund. Customers who accept the revised files are not eligible to get any refund.

Write My Assignment has a dedicated QA team to evaluate and examine the complete dispute and come up with an unbiased and impartial report that decides whether the refund should be processed or not. Customers should have proper proof regarding plagiarised or imperfect assignments.

Write My Assignment gives its customers a limited timeframe to claim a refund. Any late request for a refund will not be entertained by our team. We draft every assignment with the aim of scoring an A+, but as far as your grades are concerned, we do not guarantee anything. We are only responsible for the timely submission of a well-researched, precisely written assignment with on-point formatting.

We will require the complete grade sheet and the teacher's feedback to consider any claim authentic. If the QA team find your claim legit, you will get a partial refund of 20-50% of the original document.