Revision Policy prioritizes customer satisfaction and tries its best to exceed customer expectations. Customers are always welcome to contact our team and convey their issues. We will always give our customers a quick and prompt response. First of all, we put in all our efforts to deliver premium-quality work that does not require any changes. However, if any customer thinks that their assignment needs some improvement, we are always up for it too.

Our assignment writers will fix your draft just the way you want. This Revision Policy states some important points that define the user's rights regarding edits and modifications. Every customer should be aware of these conditions before asking for a revision. Those customers who have any reservations with our Revision policy can cancel the order. They have 24 hours to withdraw their request.

  • Customers have 20-25 days to ask for a revision after receiving their assignment. The timeline can fluctuate a bit based on the length of your document. Any request for revision after the mentioned deadline will not be entertained by our team.

  • Customers are allowed to request urgent revisions, but they have to be specific while describing their details. If we are not informed about the urgency of the revision, then we won't be responsible for the delay. Unrealistic deadlines are not allowed at Write My Assignment.

  • The revision requests should not contradict the original order details. Any request that defies your initial requirements will be rejected. If you have any special request that was not a part of your order at the start, it will be charged exclusively.

  • Customers are entitled to get a revision first before being able to initiate a dispute. Any customer who didn't ask us for a revision will not be able to challenge our work. On the other hand, if you get a revision and accept the revised files, then again, you can't challenge us.

  • We want customers to be specific and precise with their revision requests. Problems caused by ambiguous or confusing revisions will not be our responsibility.